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From Swedish ‘lagom’ to Norwegian ‘passelig’, the Scandinavian philosophy of moderation goes beyond singular prescriptions for good health and embraces a culture of wellbeing that spans the home, workplace, and beyond.

It’s about taking care of yourself, without going too far in any direction. Year after year, the World Happiness Report confirms that Scandinavian countries house the happiest individuals, globally.

It’s no surprise that emulations of such a moderate lifestyle are becoming more common, but workplace elements are often beyond the control of the employee.

Instead, it’s in the hands of the employer to reform their corporate culture for the better – with the help of Hukso.

Hukso’s defining characteristics:

  • Scandinavian values
  • Technology driven
  • Research led
  • Ongoing monitoring and progression

The Team /

Ted Mayborn CEO

Ted MaybornCo-Founder

The inspiration for Hukso’s Scandinavian twist was influenced by Ted’s Swedish heritage and his first-hand knowledge of the benefits of the Scandinavian lifestyle. His corporate experience has also given him invaluable insight into the health issues that affect modern day workplaces.
Tiago Mendes CEO

Tiago MendesCo-Founder

Tiago’s years of experience as a nutrition and health advisor bring vast knowledge of evidence-based processes of lifestyle change to Hukso. His expertise also brings a fresh approach to health promotion and communicating the benefits of a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle.
Salvatore interior designer

Salvatore F Lombardo

With a long experience in the creative industry, Italian, London-based designer, Salvatore has been involved in many small to large scale projects. He has delivered creative interior, product and branding solutions for different industries including high-end residential, hospitality, retail and workplace. Salvatore believes that design should not be sterile but a breathing and living identity of the people who interact with it where their contribution is a vital requirement. Breaking free from design templates, his aim is to enhance in a fun and inspiring way today's workplace. His designs strive to make everyone feel fully engaged and proud, both in their working environment and their role.
Anna Naumenko

Anna Naumenko

Anna is an occupational psychologist with diverse experience ranging from vocational counseling to personnel selection and assessment to test development and business analysis. As a consultant, she has worked with small and medium companies from 15 different countries and is particularly interested in start-ups because of their candour and genuine desire to make the world a better place. Anna loves to share her passion about psychology – she has published two books and over a 100 papers and articles.

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