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Since employees spend a significant amount of their adult life in the workplace, it makes sense for employers to ensure that the office is a healthy and comfortable place for employees to be.

Demanding working environments, tough deadlines and bosses creating a culture of fear leads to inevitable stress and ultimately, employee disengagement over the long term – which is incredibly costly to business.

Disengaged workers have up to:

  • 37% higher absenteeism
  • 49% more accidents
  • 60% more errors and defects

Additionally, organisations with low employee engagement scores experience as much as:

  • 18% lower productivity
  • 16% lower profitability
  • 37% lower job growth
  • 65% lower share price over time

However, your interest in taking action as an employer is already a step in the right direction.

At an individual level, Hukso boosts productivity, satisfaction, mental and physical health, and overall work-life balance. As a result, anxiety, stress, and the associated absenteeism are reduced.

At a company level, Hukso enhances business growth, staff retention, corporate reputation, and attracts high calibre applicants. Furthermore, healthcare costs are reduced.

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